My name is Patrick OBrien. I have been a custom homebuilder and woodworker here is Taos, NM since 1995.  I am also an avid whitewater boater and I make custom wood, reinforced Whitewater Canoe Paddles.

I own and happily paddle I.K.’s, rafts, and whitewater canoes. My home river is the Rio Grande and my most favorite boat is my Mad River Outrage. It is refined, lovely and temperamental. It is capable of doing far more than I am able, but I am working on it. While it will spit me out quickly after a missed stroke or a badly timed brace, it will also respond with accuracy and grace when a well-placed paddle stroke is employed. It is this moment I strive for, and with a well-made paddle it is all the more joyous.

Wood is warm in the hands on a cold winters run. A wood shaft has enough flex and strength to ease the shoulders and back through a tumultuous class III/IV rapid. And a beautifully built wood blade looks downright lovely slicing through a fast running, clear, high desert river.
Durable, light weight and beautiful.