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Paddle Construction

All Salamander Paddles are built with a combination of hard and softwoods, joined together for strength, balance, light weight and beauty.
Blades are covered with two layers of S-Glass embedded in a clear epoxy and are edged in Dynel chord for protection from rock strikes.
Shafts are laminated from three pieces, a light weight Basswood core and a harder, durable outer layer usually of Ash or Vertical Grain Douglas Fir and can be sheathed in a Dynel sleeve for abrasion protection.
T-Grips are fashioned from Maple, Sapele or any number of other hardwoods and can be customized to the hand of the paddler. Paddle lengths can also be fit to the size of the paddler.
All paddles are finished with three coats of clear epoxy and two coats of marine varnish for UV protection. T-Grips are finished with Danish oil for long wearing comfort.